Don Bonfiglio

Don was about 25 years old when he was aware he had the knowledge to complete an electrical system for an entire home. From the main electrical service, whether the meter or the panel, to the kitchen, the outside lights, and everything in between, Don can do it. His first 3 projects as an independent contractor were two custom homes and a private 8,000 sq. ft. recreational facility. After more than 20 years in the field, Don is fortunate to have passion for his job. Don takes personal responsibility in finding cost-effective solutions to any electrical situation while going the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction in the process. From main electrical services with automatic generator back-up systems, adding a single outlet or adding a second floor, small shops, large factories, custom homes, basements, offices and warehouses, the crew at Donatello Electric is the single source for any electrical project.




Mike joined the company in 2011. Since his first day, he displayed great ingenuity and mechanical aptitude. At times, there is no instruction manual for the job and we have to cut out each puzzle piece individually. Mike has the innate ability to accomplish what seems impossible at first. Along with his time at Donatello Electric and previous experience in the field, Mike has become a Master Electrician and a valuable asset to us and, subsequently, our customers. As the company foreman and lead service-call technician, he is our go-to guy for anything electrical. Here at Donatello, we know him affectionately as MP.




Josh is a long time friend and neighbor of Don. A budding entrepreneur, he is dipping his toes in at Donatello Electric to broaden his knowledge in business and trade work, simultaneously. Josh has proven to be a dependable worker in years past assisting Don in countless small projects and odd jobs. His official hiring here in 2018 was merely a formality.

Laborer/Apprentice/Office Manager


Steve is a licensed electrician. He is seasoned with over 20 years of experience. He is Donatello Electric's new construction foreman. Steve has a go getter attitude with a knack for precision in his work. He always puts the customers first. 

New Construction Foreman

Joseph Bonfiglio


Although Joe was never in the electrical industry before Donatello Electric, his high school senior yearbook stated that he wanted to be an electrician. After 32 years, Don helped his father accomplish that goal while the business was in its early years. If you are a friend of Don's or have been loyal customer from the beginning, you are familiar with Joe's unique presence. While Joe enjoys his retirement fishing and traveling, he still makes an occasional appearance in the field. Close friends and family refer to him simply as "Pops."

Honorary Electrician