Lighting Maintenance - The Importance of Color Temperature

Our world is one that lives and breathes on the newest “fads” and electric; specifically, light bulbs; are no exception to this rule. Once upon a time, you used to be able to go into a Doc’s Drugs (or similar drugstore in your area) and pay your bill and receive a 60-watt Incandescent light bulb in return. At this point, no matter how often you changed your light bulbs, they were always the same.

Then, almost overnight, CFL’s became popular. CFL’s seemed brighter, they came in different “hues.” As a regular Incandescent bulb burned out, a CFL was used to replace it. Then it was discovered that CFL bulbs are almost impossible to throw out/recycle.

At about the same time, it was discovered that LED light bulbs had longer life and were far more energy efficient. So now, as those old Incandescent or CFL’s were burning out they were being replaced with LED bulbs.

Due to this, the color temperature has become inconsistent throughout your home or business. So, what exactly is color temperature?

Color temperature is a way to describe the color appearance provided by a light bulb and is measured in Kelvins. The range of Kelvins is from 1,000-10,000.

There are 6 main types of LED light bulbs along the color range (there is a large color temperature range but the following 6 are the most commonly found and used.)

Warm White – 2700k

Mood Application: Personal, Friendly, Romantic

Best Used: Homes, Libraries, Restaurants

Soft White - 3000k

Mood Application: Soft, Warm, Pleasurable Light

Best Used: Homes, Hotel Rooms, Lobbies, Restaurants, Retail Stores

Neutral – 3500k

Mood Application: Friendly, Non- threatening

Best Used: Executive Offices, Public Reception Areas, Supermarkets

Cool – 4100k

Mood Application: Neat, Clean, Efficient

Best Used: Offices, Classrooms, Mass Merchandisers

Soft Daylight – 5000k

Mood Application: Bright, Alert

Best Used: Graphics, Industry, Hospitals

Daylight – 6500k

Mood Application: Bright, Cool

Best Used: Jewelry Stores, Beauty Salons, Galleries, Museums

No matter which direction you choose to head in when it comes to color temperature it is crucial to remember that all light bulbs within the same area should match. Varying color temperature reflect varying colors of light bulbs. A Daylight bulb, for example, will appear quite blue while a soft white will appear a more yellow/orangish hue. Consistency is key when it comes to maintenance of lighting within your home or business.

For more information of for a light consultation contact us today at (630)546-9944 so that we may help you with all of your lighting maintenance needs.

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