Hot Summer Trend: Landscape Lighting

You’ve dug, you’ve planted. You’ve mowed, you’ve mulched. Highlight your landscaping with lighting to enhance the effect of all your hard work!

Setting the scene:

  1. Pathway lighting – strategically placed lighting along pathways to patios, backyards, and front doors can create a serene ambience while also providing safety while walking to those areas. There are many types of path lights to choose from; the creativity is all yours!

2. Flood Lights/Spot Lights – Do you have a beautiful tree you’d like to highlight? How about that row of flowers or bushes that just disappear into the night? Flood lights and spot lights are used to bring those areas of your yard to life. Flood lights emit a wider beam and can be used to highlight multiple things at one time while spot lights are used to bring one certain item to the forefront of any passerby’s attention.

An example of flood light is shown here. See how the trees are all lit by one light? The flood light helps them stand out more and sets a beautiful scene.

An example of a spotlight is shown here. The spotlight focuses its beam on one particular item amongst your landscaping. The spotlight can also create interesting shadows when reflected off of fences, doors or walls.

3. Wall Wash – A wall wash is designed to enhance the natural beauty of the exterior walls of your home. Wall washing resembles flood lights but puts the focus on your home rather than your landscaping. An example of wall washing is below.

Landscape lighting can come in various colors and can be used in many different applications to highlight your needs.

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