Things we have always done to protect our employees as well as our valued clients and their homes:

-Wear shoe coverings whenever possible and when it is not a safety issue to do so.

-Protect our clients floors with drop cloths or Masonite board during construction.

-Cover our clients furniture and cabinets with plastic coverings whenever creating dust.

-Wear dust masks and respirators when working in attics.

-Thorough clean up of our work area after work has been completed.


Due to the growing concern of the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Donatello Electric wanted to let our clients know that we are taking additional measures to protect our employees as well as our customers. We are following the CDC guidelines and have implemented the following COVID compliant procedures: 

-Mandatory hand washing when entering our shop or office at the beginning of the day, when returning from the field in between jobs, and at the end of the day.

-Practicing social distancing to the best of our ability when on the job as well as in the office. At times some of our daily tasks will require our electricians to work next to each other. For safety and quality control, we must do so when necessary. 

-We are wiping down all door handles, steering wheels, tools and tool boxes, supplies, anything we touched at the end of the day on our trucks as well as in the office.

-We have installed hand washing stations on our trucks to wash our hands before the start of each job, and after break times and lunch time.

-We have provided our staff with masks and hand sanitizer and are requiring them to use it as frequently as possible.

-Requesting our customers to clear our work area before we get to the job for a "touch free installation" so we will not need to handle any of our clients personal belongings. If we are required to move a large piece of furniture for our clients, we will do so while wearing a mask.

-Waiving all processing fees for credit card purchases under $500 and avoiding taking checks as payment if possible. We take Venmo, and other forms of electronic payment